Cirque du Soleil in Rio

The Cirque will be in town open for public from today (28) december till 21th of january.

The Beautiful history of Amaluna, touched it you deep down the heart. In the background live music played by an amazing Rock Band.  The Show Takes you breath away everytime you see them flying in to the air like free birds are. Diving in tubs fill with water with glamour, the lights wow, the food, the treatment by its crew with the press was professional and caring the wolle time. The food (i said that already) was just amazing. I thank you for your hard work for

allowed us to see this divine show. It felt like another world. The Cirque du Soleil today is all around the globo. Delivering what a Cirque should look like.

Absolutely Amazing  !

Santa Claus in Rio!

Rio de Janeiro/ Brazil

Some children from the poor communities in Rio de Janeiro at the North side of the town. They had fun with Santa Claus and got Christmas presents donated by the residents from the area around the favelas in which those kids come from. Where violence is in their lives everyday. Where they have to live with drug gangs and crime constantly. Sometimes not even knowing if they will have a meal to eat. Thankfully, a relief comes every year at Christmas time. Where this Spiritual Kardecist Center , Association of the  Jesus Workers or in Portuguese (Associação dos Obreiros de Jesus) since 1985,  founder ms Célia do Carmo Ferreira da Silva (1925-2007). Collecting from their neighbors, family and friends, throughout the year, money and toys, clothing, asking for donations. Sadly, sometimes they’re lucky and a lot of times they’re not. But today they were, and they got to help at least 150 kids from these favelas. Got them smiling, happy and cheerful. Most of the time, a rare moment for them!

Photos: Humberto Ohana

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Arquitetura futurística carioca

Luz ,Fé , Sombras – Centro Rio de Janeiro!